16 Oct 2018

Ethics advice for Lincoln students

Real life ethical dilemmas spark university debate

Wyldfire MD Natasha Wright organised and co-chaired an ethics workshop for PR students at the University of Lincoln.

Natasha is vice chair of the National Union of Journalists' Public Relations and Communications Council (PRCC) held its annual out-of-London meeting in Lincoln, followed by the event for students.

PRCC has been working to build relationships with PR university courses throughout the country for the past 18 months, in a bid to educate students and staff on the role of the NUJ and the benefits of membership.

The workshop, featuring lively debate between students on a range of ‘real life’ PR ethical dilemmas, was run by PRCC chair Phil Morcom and vice chair, Natasha.

Natasha said: “The students had some fascinating viewpoints on the different scenarios and it was an eye-opener for them to realise that a PR professional can face very difficult decisions on a daily basis.  The discussions highlighted the need of PR professionals to access the advice and support offered by union membership in the face of situations which can often have no easy answer and may put jobs at risk.

“Lots of the students stayed behind for a chat after the event and told us how useful they found it.  From our point of view it was heartening to meet such engaged and enquiring people who will be the next generation of the industry and who will hopefully take NUJ membership with them as they begin their careers.”