You know your business.
We know marketing.
Let’s get together and make things happen.


Our team will act as your outsourced PR and marketing department to take care of all your needs, leaving you the time and space to carry on with the day to day tasks of running your business.

We’ll advise and guide you and we’ll take the time to explain our recommendations and why they are right for you. There is no one size fits all in PR and marketing. Every client is different and we will only spend time on activity that will bring value to you. We’ll work out the right mix to get maximum benefit from your budget.

Our team knows their stuff and we love what we do. If you’ve worked with a PR agency before, you’ll see we’re different. We make things easy – just the way they should be.


Strategic Marketing

Without a plan, you can’t communicate effectively. You may have your strategy all set, you may need a hand, or you may need us to produce the whole strategy for you. Whichever it is, we can help. We can work as an outsourced marketing department, or alongside your existing marketing team or agency, to develop and execute your strategic, integrated marketing plan.

Print Communication

Think before you print! Printing doesn’t come cheap so your print communications need to earn their value. Your business cards, leaflets or brochures say so much about your business and can often be the first thing a potential client comes into contact with. Make sure you leave a lasting first impression for all the right reasons.

Media Relations

Want your customers to see you looking great in the press? Of course you do. Our media relations team are qualified, experienced journalists who know exactly what publications are looking for, so we know just how to sell your company to the right people. Magazines regularly recommend us to new clients because of the quality of our news and features. We think that says it all.


Let’s make friends and let’s turn those friends into potential customers. Harnessing the power of social media takes precision and is about whispering sweetly into the right ears rather than shouting on a crowded platform. We’ll develop targeted messages on targeted platforms.


Your brand affects the way every customer and potential customer thinks of you. That’s power. From customer research to design and development, we can ensure your brand is telling people what you want them to understand.


Some agencies like to make the digital world sound mysterious and complicated. It isn’t. You want a beautiful, engaging website that does everything you need? Let us know – we’ll build it. Want to help people find it online? We can do that too. Need a bespoke email broadcast campaign with a wealth of statistics? It’s done. Just shout.


Whatever your sector, we’re here for you. Our client base is extremely diverse and we love getting to know a new industry. It’s one of our huge strengths. That said, we do have particular experience in certain areas.


We’ve worked with a whole host of big name manufacturers, importers and furniture logistics firms and we know everything there is to know about how to promote companies to retailers. We can help with anything from press coverage, advertising, shows, point of sale, online retail, catalogues and much more. We also know everyone at all the furniture trade press. Call and ask them if you don’t believe us. They’ll tell you how great we are.

Lab Tech

We work with clients who are suppliers to the laboratory and associated industries around the world. This is a vast, technical field but one we’re more than comfortable in. We know our GxPs from our ISOs and we’re great at explaining the benefits of a complex product in a clear and simple way.

Web and Marketing agencies

You may have seen our work and not even known it. We do a lot of ‘white label’ work for other agencies who may need temporary or permanent help to fill an in-house skills gap. We’re happy to assist. We understand your needs and we can produce fast, accurate copy to suit your budgets and deadlines. We’re also discreet. Careless talk costs contracts. You can trust us.


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